15 Super Simple but Highly Effective Tips to Inspire Your Inner Winner

Inspiration 🙂 why not try it?

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We all have a winner inside of us. Some of us are able to find it, appreciate it and use it. For others, it’s been buried. Recognize and remind yourself of your greatness, daily. Use these tips for a quick self -esteem boost and to help you take action!

1. Call an old friend to reconnect and send some love.

2. Write someone a ‘thank you’ letter for how they have helped or inspired you in the past.

3. Write down 2-3 goals for the month.

4. Spend 10 minutes a day to sit in silence and focus vividly on what you want. (Begin with 5 minutes if 10 is too long.)

5. Create a playlist of highly inspirational music.

6. Create a playlist on YouTube of highly motivational videos.

7. Write down 5-7 sentences about something you did in the past 3 months that made you extremely proud and…

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